Current Project is Olive Garden in Amarillo, TX

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Olive Garden

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Throwdown Tile Thursday

My titles couldn't be any cornier, but it's true.  The wall tile crew arrived at noon today.  They spent about two to three hours bringing in tile and setting up.  By four they had the to go station wall tile on the wall.  All the crews have been working so hard this week and the tile guys get all the glory because their work is so visible.  But the electricians, hvac techs, plumbers, framers, roofers hung in there and made better than average progress for the day.  Meanwhile, the painters are outside marking areas and preparing for a big paint crew tomorrow.  I'll probably wait until Monday to post pictures of the exterior paint. 

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wild Woody Wednesdays

Well, it's not pretty, but it's progress.  The photo shows the progress of the framers and roofers this week on the dormers.  This is being framed for signage.  The rains this week were light and although it delayed some of the roof work, we did finally get it framed.  Woody decided it was a good place for RedFish while we prepare for permanent signs.  The framers and trim crew also hung ceiling grid and started putting top caps on low walls.  The plumbers worked on lines from outside bar to fire pit, plus lines at expo line.  Fire sprinkler tech finished all work on heads today.  Electricians finished preparing for electrical inspection.  HVAC techs ran flex line in hubcap room.  Painters finished the power washing of the building and have started painting back of building.  Basket room tile finished and grouting has started.  The bar area is being prepared for tile.  Great progress and it's only mid-week.  Without my assistance on Wednesday's Woody is free to go Wild on Wednesdays. 

Monday, July 19, 2010

Demo Work Has Started

Demo work started first thing in the morning and we never slowed down until quitting time.  The roll off was delivered and we'll have it filled before long.  One crew worked on removing stainless steel, while a different crew removed booths.  The plumber removed toilets and urinals.  The electricians also started their demo work.  Woody scheduled the City Inspector to come by tomorrow for a pre-construction meeting.  By the end of the day we'd received large emails from Kellie and Ryan with contracts, scopes, and a variety of administrative support.  It was a long and productive day.  Great way to start the week.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Calling Subcontractors: Work Starts Monday

Must have been 6:30am when we started getting email from our Project Manager, Ryan Elmer.  We have a schedule for completion, scope clarification, subcontractors contact information, and most importantly the official go ahead to start on Monday.  Ryan's very thorough crossing all the t's and i's so that he can smoothly turn this over to Woody for construction.  Woody's been busy burning some phone minutes making sure the subcontractors are ready to come to work first thing Monday.  Demo work is first order of business.   Let the fun begin.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Air Conditioning and Lawn Service

Today we've focused on having the heating and air units checked again to determine what is to be repaired and what will be replaced.  This includes looking at duct work, the units on the roof and checking temperatures inside.  We're also working with the Project Manager to get the finalized contract for the lawn maintenance service.  Aside from needing to maintain the lawn to meet all city codes, we also need to cut back any overgrowth along the outside of the building that could prevent or be in the way of painters.  We've almost got the office setup.  Woody is looking over the subcontractor scopes Ryan sent over.