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Olive Garden

Friday, May 30, 2008

McDonald's Pre-Inspection

Today, we met with Ted Young, Sr PM, Michael Sawyers, PM, Rick Mathews, ACM, and Vincent Ebron, McD Operations to review some changes that have been requested. While we were there William Hardy also dropped in. We were able to pinpoint a few items that will be changed and other items will be estimated before proceeding with the changes. It was good to have Michael back from Tyler. He took us to lunch and discussed possibilities of our next location. Best of all we got Saturday and Sunday off! These are pictures of Ted & Michael.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

McDonald's Irving Finishing Touches

Since the McDonald's Restaurant is now open, Woody and I go to the store in the day time to make sure things are moving along okay. Yesterday's Grand Opening was a success, but today is much busier. However, the work on the building to be completed to finish all final touches and punch list items is to be done after 8pm. Last night was a long night after working through most of the day. We are waiting now to have the job trailer picked up no later than Thursday. The roll off was picked up earlier today. Today we went back to the City of Irving to return the stand for the fire hydrant. So now it's just a matter of time before we get our new assignment. Can't wait! Meanwhile, some of the actual manual labor as far as finishing touches were actually done by Woody. Here is a picture of some of his work. This is the r/r door with the steel edge to prevent damage to the door edge.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

GRAND OPENING @ McDonald's Irving, TX


Sneak Preview Before VIP Party Begins

Welcoming VIP's @ McDonald's Grand Opening

Julie Nguyen & Vincent Ebron were all smiles as they welcomed their VIP guests before Grand Opening this morning. Also, Rick Mathews and Woody met outside to discuss the accomplishments of this project. The parking lot filled up fast this morning.

Monday, May 26, 2008

M is for Memorial Day @ McDonald's

Here is Woody under the McDonald's "M" on Memorial Day. We came in to do a walk through and see how everything was going. Vincent was everywhere! Julie was inside going over last minute items that needed to be addressed. Around the building were many crew members training and preparing for tomorrow's Grand Opening.

My Son, GI JOE, is now a NC Trooper

Thank you, Joseph for your years of services in the Army! GOOD JOB! Thanks to all the veterans of the armed forces. Your dedication and bravery allows us the freedoms we enjoy each day.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Last Saturday Before McDonald's Opens

Today Woody went in to make sure scheduled crews were onsite. The electricians were finishing out their connections. McDonald's had many subcontractors onsite preparing for the Grand Opening. Woody installed a temporary lock on the storage room door while we wait for the finishers to come install a door knob with lock. Woody was able to come home at noon and keep his date with me. We went to the Fair Park Music Hall in Dallas to see the musical production of Ring of Fire. It was an excellent show. It was time for a great date and time away from McDonald's. For dinner we decided on an easy stop on the way home at Razoo's. The service was excellent.

Friday, May 23, 2008

McDonald's Certificate of Occupancy

Everyone get ready to come out to celebrate the Grand Opening of McDonald's on May 27, 2008. Woody presented Vincent Ebron the McDonald's Operations Consultant we've enjoyed working with throughout our project. We'll miss Vincent! Vincent already had the Health dept out to inspect and also applied and recieved the Food & Beverage Permit. Looks like they are set to go! Now they will work around the clock to put on all the final touches!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

McDonald's Water Feature Scenery

WOW!!! The landscapers got the water feature installed. It's absolutely beautiful. It's located on the northwestern end of the lot near the menu boards. It should be appreciated by customers when they wait to place their orders. The landscapers are busy planting trees, sodding grass, and cleaning as they go. The lot will be pressured washed one last time on the evening of the 26th. Now this feature was installed by the landscapers, but like all work it's a team effort. The concrete crew had to pour the curbing. Then electricians had to supply power. The irrigation crew had to supply water. Finally, the landscapers installed the feature.

Thank You, City of Irving

McDonald's is scheduled for GRAND OPENING on Tuesday, May 27, 2008 at 8435 N Belt Line Rd, Irving, TX. Woody & I thank all the City of Irving Inspectors for their help and timely inspections. Working in cities from coast to coast, Woody doesn't always build in cities that welcome the growth or new business. This is the only inspector I was able to catch for a photo. This is Inspector Gibbs from the Irving Fire Dept. Tomorrow we have a fire and final building inspection. Then we will pick up the paper for which we've worked so dilegently to earn: Certificate of Occupancy. Thank YOU!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Welcome to McDonald's @ Belt Line in Irving

Without a doubt the signs & landscaping really make a difference. Here we've been working close to 100 days & these guys show up and in a week make additions that not only enhance the site but allows doubters that it could happen start to believe. So what is it 24 hours left to go? The dedication, support, and quality of work is very greatly appreciated. It's all team work and having so many people on site requires patience & willingness to work together towards the same goal. Looks like it won't be long now.

McDonald's Landscaping Progresses

Notice the building at midday still has no sign on it. But later on it's up! The landscapers stopped their hard labor to strike a pose. It's shaping up, looking cleaner. With temps reaching the mid 90's today, you know this crew is going home tired.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

McDonald's Drive Thru

Won't be long now and cars will be lined up to place their orders here. In the center picture to the right the rocks shown in the close up on the right are being placed. Meanwhile the interior finishers are working on doors, hardware, setting furniture. Joe Collins of McDonald's came by to see the site. It was great to have him visit. At this point with less than three days to work, it's hard to believe we will finish on time. While Mr Collins was here, our Sr PM, Ted Young came to check our progress. The sign company arrived and got to work on the monument signs and the drive thru area. We moved our job trailer off site since they will be power washing the lot tonight. I counted 48 people working today between Parkway subs & McDonald's subs. So what are the odds that we'll finish on time? Check back and find out!

Monday, May 19, 2008

How Many People at McDonald's Today?

The concrete co sent a crew to wash the sidewalk. The welders are hanging the trash enclosure gates. Woody is out walking the job. Vincent is meeting with the store manager, Payal. And Glen is directing the landscapers. Total of about 48 people at this time. More expected after lunch.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

McDonald's Sidewalks Complete

Sidewalks were poured yesterday. Here is a view of the finished product. This is stamped pattern colored concrete.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Saturday, & It's Full Steam Ahead @ McDonald's

Although, I gave myself a meritorious day off...Woody and other crews were working hard today. The sidewalks were poured starting at 8am. The interior finishers installed ceiling tiles & worked on hanging doors & hardware. They will install the office furniture on Monday. The landscapers continued irrigation work. Best of all the electricians are working this weekend. This building has to turn over in less than a week, and these guys are stepping it up to make it happen. Woody and the laborers continued cleaning and leveling the ground. As for me, I took it easy....aside from a few emails, a couple of calls, and uploading pictures.....I rested. Tomorrow we'll work on paperwork and finalize a plan for the final week.

Friday, May 16, 2008

McDonald's: Close to finished

Today the concrete crew is pouring the last of the drive thru. On the far right, I've posted a picture of yesterday's finished drive thru drive. In the center is a picture of the landscapers doing the irrigation work. Ted, SR PM, joined us again today. He went to meet with officials at the City to be sure that we have all our inspections set correctly. He's also steadily working on making sure the subcontractors have crews onsite finishing up. The city dropped our water meter by and we were able to get it set. We passed our Mechanical Final Inspection. Yesterday the front counters were installed so we will be ready for POS on Monday. The office package arrived and installation will begin Monday. Thank goodness for Woody's positive attitude. He refuses to listen to anyone that doubts his ability to get the project finished on time. Realistically, we are on schedule. But electrical delays and contracted work scheduled by McDonald's is making it a little tight. The key is for all contractors to work together for the same objective: To turn over the project to McDonald's in time for them to open on the 27th of May! Regardless of what you do it all comes back to the same thing: TEAM WORK!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

McDonald's: Drive Thru Part 1