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Olive Garden

Friday, May 16, 2008

McDonald's: Close to finished

Today the concrete crew is pouring the last of the drive thru. On the far right, I've posted a picture of yesterday's finished drive thru drive. In the center is a picture of the landscapers doing the irrigation work. Ted, SR PM, joined us again today. He went to meet with officials at the City to be sure that we have all our inspections set correctly. He's also steadily working on making sure the subcontractors have crews onsite finishing up. The city dropped our water meter by and we were able to get it set. We passed our Mechanical Final Inspection. Yesterday the front counters were installed so we will be ready for POS on Monday. The office package arrived and installation will begin Monday. Thank goodness for Woody's positive attitude. He refuses to listen to anyone that doubts his ability to get the project finished on time. Realistically, we are on schedule. But electrical delays and contracted work scheduled by McDonald's is making it a little tight. The key is for all contractors to work together for the same objective: To turn over the project to McDonald's in time for them to open on the 27th of May! Regardless of what you do it all comes back to the same thing: TEAM WORK!