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Olive Garden

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

22 Days til McDonald's OPENS @ Belt Line & 635

Excellent day! Plumbers finished gas lines to water heater, electricians finished lights in dining room, masons skim coated the arcade wall for stone application, and decor sent two men out to core drill the dining area!!! The day was cloudy, overcast, and it did rain, but work was able to progress. For the first time in several days, the tile crew did not come in. They are scheduled to return tomorrow. Of course the rain has delayed the pattern concrete drive thru to be poured. Woody is trying to schedule this now for Friday. Tomorrow the City of Irving should be out to do the electrical cover up inspection and the gas inspection. Later in the week we should also be scheduling a plumbing inspection and CT can inspection. So we are midweek and so far scheduled work is progressing. We have two weeks left to complete all contracted work.