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Olive Garden

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

8 Days! McDonald's deadline nears...

Ice condensor units and refrigeration was set on roof with the crane pictured here. It's been a busy day. The scheduled work is extremely aggressive the rest of this week and beginning of next week. Meanwhile the masons have continued working on the trash enclosure. About mid afternoon they assured us they would finish today to avoid delay if it rains again tonight or tomorrow. So Woody has now scheduled the roof for the storage portion of the enclosure, iron gate installation, and painting that will be needed. If all goes as scheduled the trash enclosure will be completed no later than Monday. Delivery of doors & hardware allowed us to schedule final carpentry & interior finishes for our subcontrator. Landscape work will begin tomorrow or Friday depending on the weather. This morning Woody went ahead and posted the notices for deadlines and turn over reminders. Most Parkway subcontractors are working very aggressively to meet the deadlines. It's impossible to stress how important a motivated, responsible, and work oriented crew can set the pace in a fast paced build. Julie & Vincent both visited the site today. Vincent is really making himself available to help with scheduling of McDonald's contractors and other items. It's good to have them visit. Not a bad days work