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Olive Garden

Thursday, May 1, 2008

McDonald's Sets Opening for May 27th!

Today we begin our final month of our project. Before the month ends they should be flipping burgers and serving those delicious ice coffees to their customers. On the construction end of this, we are doing all we can do to complete our scheduling of construction to finish smoothly as equipment and decor crews will soon be on location. Today Rick Mathews, McDonald's ACM, stopped in to review the progress, lay out final changes for the drive through, and confirm pattern concrete design and color. Overall, we had a good visit and construction continues on schedule. It's been very windy and possibilty for rain tonight or tomorrow. The masons are almost finished with the south side wall and will be able to do the stone work. The stone veneer finally arrived today. The tiling work continued in the restrooms and grouting in the kitchen. Early this morning the excavating crew came out and did some grade work on the east side of the lot. Then the concrete company sent a crew to finish the form work for the sidewalk. Later in the afternoon they were able to pour the east side sidewalk. It's hard to believe the week is almost gone. Wallpaper arrived and will be hung either this weekend or Monday. Trellis work is scheduled for next week along with landscaping work. The picture on the left is of Mr Rick Mathews of McDonald's. The picture at far right bottom shows the advancement the masons have made on the south wall. The other two pictures are of the east lot sidewalk.