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Olive Garden

Sunday, May 11, 2008

RACE DAY....Mother's Day

Sunday is here and we were able to enjoy a day off! Well, almost a day off. It's Mother's Day. The wallpaper hangers were a no show today. Can't blame them, it's hard to get crews to work a holiday. Sunday is our usual Nascar Race Day, but this week the race was held last night. When Woody returned from the job site, we went to the IMAX in Dallas to see Speed Racer! It's vibrant and colorful and the IMAX screen made it all the better. Then we raced home to catch the NASCAR race on FOX. My driver, Carl Edwards, placed 2nd. Woody's driver, Kasey Kahne, was left in the dust. Tony Stewart had some hard luck right to start with, but made an excellent come back. I'm still waiting for Juan Pablo to place first. So today is Mother's Day and we called our parents, then my son, the NC Highway Patrolman, called me! But it wasn't exactly a complete day off. We spent several hours studying for the OSHA final exam and managed to pass the chapter quizzes. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!! Tomorrow it's back to McDonald's to finish the last phase before the May 27th Grand Opening. Our MOM'S: