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Olive Garden

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

McDonald's Drive Thru

Won't be long now and cars will be lined up to place their orders here. In the center picture to the right the rocks shown in the close up on the right are being placed. Meanwhile the interior finishers are working on doors, hardware, setting furniture. Joe Collins of McDonald's came by to see the site. It was great to have him visit. At this point with less than three days to work, it's hard to believe we will finish on time. While Mr Collins was here, our Sr PM, Ted Young came to check our progress. The sign company arrived and got to work on the monument signs and the drive thru area. We moved our job trailer off site since they will be power washing the lot tonight. I counted 48 people working today between Parkway subs & McDonald's subs. So what are the odds that we'll finish on time? Check back and find out!