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Olive Garden

Friday, May 22, 2009

McDonald's Parking Lot

Today Woody reported to work at 4am. He is overlooking the parking lot work at a McDonald's in Irving on LBJ & McArthur. The crew and pump truck arrived early for the 73 yard pour. The work went as scheduled with no problems. The roof crew also worked today doing some maintenance on the roof of the store. The work to be done here will be about a 7 to 10 day project. Should know more next week.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Woody: Man of Many Talents

Today, I stayed behind while Woody went to check in at the office. Our dilemma is that although we found a place to stay last night. We must be out of this space by noon as it is already reserved for someone else. It's Memorial Day weekend, so finding a suitable location will be challenging. We made many calls to a variety of places and have placed ourselves on waiting lists. Woody finally received a call back from one of our prospects. They have a place for us and we can move over immediately. I quickly packed up and pull in the tip outs. Woody arrived shortly after and we pulled out from Destiny RV Park and headed to Sandy Lake RV Park in Carrollton, TX. We did a temporary setup since we are unsure how long we will be in this area. Tomorrow Woody will report at 4am to his new project. The PM for this job is Eric Rawlins. It's about a ten day job. But tonight, it's relaxation time and Woody created a fabulous dessert.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pizza Party

We have a 2007 Keystone Challenger 38' fifth wheel RV trailer. It has one bedroom with closets. A full size restroom with full size shower, lavatory, and toilet. A kitchen with a stove, fridge, double sink, two islands for cooking. A living area with two recliners, flat screen tv, book shelves, cabinets, office desk & work area. And a dining room with dining table and four chairs. Woody and I comfortably live here while on the road traveling for the company. But while in Texas we have hosted a variety of gatherings for NASCAR weekends at Texas Motor Speedway. But in Littlefield, we managed to entertain my family and friends for a pizza party during our one day stay. It's a shame that we don't get to visit our family and friends more often. So in an attempt to see everyone at once, we called everyone to come out to see us at the Waylon Jennings RV Park in the Littlefield National Forest. At one point we had 23 people over. With a total of six large pizzas, two pans of lasagna, and 40 hot wings, we still had loads of left overs. We talked and laughed until late into the night. Finally we said our goodbyes. This morning we pulled away. Liz of course came out in the morning to say goodbye, again. It's hard leaving so soon. But we had a great time. Today is Mary Jane's Birthday...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Littlefield McDonald's

Our Project Manager, Michael Sawyers, had Woody go take a look at pending work at the McDonald's Woody completed a couple of years ago. First we had a homemade meal at my parents with all my brothers and sisters and some of my nephews & neices. Woody went on to McDonald's after lunch, while I headed back to the RV to prepare to visit with my family later in the afternoon. The day was gone before we knew it and in the morning we were traveling to corporate office in Lewisville, TX. But today, we are enjoying the company of our loved ones. This is a photo of my sisters, Linda & Lori.

Monday, May 18, 2009

RVing Unique Style

So we pull into a gas station to fuel up. It's a chance to stretch, freshen our drinks, and get one last view of this beautifully ENCHANTING LAND called New Mexico. Then I glimpse a view of something that you don't see just anyday. An old school bus has been transformed into a live in home on wheels. Attached to it is a pull trailer. Traveling with this group is an old pickup truck modified and able to pull an older pull trailer. It's an interesting setup. I'm mostly curious about how far they are traveling, where their final destination is and of course the set up of their units. Well, we are headed into Littlefield, TX. We are going to soak up all the views we can on our way out of New Mexico.

Official Certificate of Occupancy for McDonald's

Today Woody met Mrs Zamora at McDonald's for a final walk through. She found all items complete and accept the building. Woody was able to officially present Mrs Zamora with the Certificate of Occupancy from Santa Fe County. This has been a great project. Afterwards we returned to the RV Park and hooked up so we could begin our journey back to Texas. This is a view of the clouds that we were outrunning through out our trip today. Our first stop is Littlefield, TX. We arrived rather late, but were able to set up and pick up take out.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Finishing Touches Completed @ McDonald's

This work was completed yesterday and late last night. We actually worked on it until the early hours of Saturday morning. But it was important to do the final touches on the building while the lobby was closed. We are now ready for Mr & Mrs Zamora to sign off on the completion of this project.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wyatt Moore Makes Final Visit

Wyatt Moore, Project Manager, came in today to meet with owners, Mr & Mrs Zamora. They walked the premises with Woody inspecting the quality of the workmanship. The Zamora's were very pleased with the completion of the project. Wyatt noted a few items that needed more attention. All items on the list are things that Woody will be able to do himself. Sadly, our time in New Mexico is quickly coming to an end. We should be able to wrap things up here tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pre-punch List Completed

The owners are scheduled to do a walk through of the premises tomorrow. Meanwhile, we've gone over the entire project looking for anything that may have been overlooked or needed further work required for a quality completion. Painters came and did some touch up work, while Woody tackled other odds and ends. The customers continue to keep the employees busy. This is a very busy store & the customers continue to compliment the new changes.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sneak Peak at New Dining Area @ McDonald's

Today the plumbers came out to lower a drain line that was positioned a little to high. The wallpaper work was completed. Met with the Plumbing Inspector again regarding the drain line and it's position. The line is in place as called for by inspector.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Wallpapering at McDonald's

Well, a good portion of the wallpapering was completed today. In addition the glass crew came and finished brake metal work in vestibule. Woody also got a crew to come out and touch up some exterior paint work & caulk ext windows at playplace. The restaurant continues to be open for business. The work we are finishing is done cautiously in areas with no customers.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


What an excellent day. Wyatt Moore, Project Manager, arrived and was able to walk the job with Woody and discuss the remaining work to be completed. Later, Ben Simms, McDonald's Area Construction Manager, and Mr Jimmy Lopez, Regional Construction Manager, stopped by to inspect the job. They were very pleased with the final product. Jimmy has a way of quietly expcecting nothing less than the best from Woody. Woody is always up to the challenge. It's always great when we look back on a project and feel that we met or exceeded the customer's expectations. All COD work is complete. Wallpaper is still not delivered. Crew is on the ready as soon as it arrives.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

FRP Work Completed

Above is a view of the dining area as you exit the restrooms. The wallpaper still has to be hung. However, the wallpaper has yet to arrive. As soon as it is delivered a crew is ready to come do that work. The carpenters were here today and finished all the additional FRP work and the corrections on FRP already installed. Mr John Ekes of DAVACO came by to inspect the CBB installation completion. The doors ordered did arrive today & will be installed tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Any View in Santa Fe is a GREAT VIEW

This is a view from the booth we always sat in when we'd eat at the Plaza Cafe. The cafe is on the square in the middle of all the downtown activities. It's always very busy, and yet a very relaxing atmosphere. The food is wonderful. They serve a variety of items from New Mexico favorites to good ole' American greats. My personal favorite was the nachos. Woody on the other hand always tried a different menu item every visit. His favorite was definitely the rolls that came with the meal. While we wait for our meal we enjoy the latin music playing in the background and watch the many tourists going to and fro sightseeing and shopping.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday Re-Open A Success

A steady flow of customers at McDonald's today shows how much the people in this part of the community missed have their McDonald's open. Woody spoke to a variety of customers and they all liked the new look. The glass crew came in to finish the window trim work. It was great to get so much positive feedback from the owners as well when they visited today. Any punch list items, wallpaper hanging, and other finishes will be done in the coming week.