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Olive Garden

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pizza Party

We have a 2007 Keystone Challenger 38' fifth wheel RV trailer. It has one bedroom with closets. A full size restroom with full size shower, lavatory, and toilet. A kitchen with a stove, fridge, double sink, two islands for cooking. A living area with two recliners, flat screen tv, book shelves, cabinets, office desk & work area. And a dining room with dining table and four chairs. Woody and I comfortably live here while on the road traveling for the company. But while in Texas we have hosted a variety of gatherings for NASCAR weekends at Texas Motor Speedway. But in Littlefield, we managed to entertain my family and friends for a pizza party during our one day stay. It's a shame that we don't get to visit our family and friends more often. So in an attempt to see everyone at once, we called everyone to come out to see us at the Waylon Jennings RV Park in the Littlefield National Forest. At one point we had 23 people over. With a total of six large pizzas, two pans of lasagna, and 40 hot wings, we still had loads of left overs. We talked and laughed until late into the night. Finally we said our goodbyes. This morning we pulled away. Liz of course came out in the morning to say goodbye, again. It's hard leaving so soon. But we had a great time. Today is Mary Jane's Birthday...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!