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Olive Garden

Friday, October 31, 2008

McDonald's in Westover

Overall, the crews have been diligent in cleaning up after themselves. The crews don't necessarily like cleaning up daily, preferring to do it when they complete their contracted work. Woody, however, likes a clean work area. So he's been sticking to his rule to bring out labor to clean up after the men at THEIR EXPENSE. That means that we seldom have to have labor forces out on the job. The men have been doing their part in most cases. Notice how far the sheetrock work has advanced. The HVAC and Electrcial crews are also making progress running their lines. Outside the concrete crew is already preparing for their next pour on Tuesday. The tile crew was also here today tiling floors and walls in the back of the restaurant.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Project Continues to Move Forward

Crews are still hanging sheetrock, running hvac flex lines, running electrical conduits, tiling floors and walls, installing window frames. Outside the trash enclosure is being bricked, pouring concrete in southern parking area, and applying EIFS on the building. The lack of glass on the windows and the installation of the drain line are getting to be a bit of a concern, but it will come together. We are still waiting for ATMOS and ONCOR to provide service, which are more pressing than all other issues.
Meanwhile, look at the photos of the progress out at the trash enclosure.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

EIFS on McDonald's Building

The EIFS crew came last Friday and setup their scaffolding. On Saturday they received their materials. Monday they began applying foam. Today they are designing the EIFS. The work is looking good. This building's exterior now has the brick exterior with arcade walls added to have an overlay of stone in some areas with a trim of EIFS on portions of the upper walls. We are waiting to have the glass installed. After that the exterior will be near completion. The last item will be the trellis that we are waiting to have delivered.
Today, Mr Jasper came by to have a look at the EIFS work. Yesterday, Mrs Jasper was here and she liked the design that was proposed. Today the design had to be changed, but Mr Jasper approved the change.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Tile is continuing at McDonald's. They'd been working on the walls and have now started the floors. They are already grouted the kitchen floor. The fire & sprinkler crew passed their inspection test today with the Fire Marshall. Likewise, the utility crew passed the hydrostatic test conducted by the Fire Marshall. The framers have made great progress in hanging sheetrock. The EIFS crew is applying foam. Mechanics are running hvac flex line. The electricians have continued to run overhead lines. Out in the trash enclosure, the brick masons are still blocking.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Back to Work at McDonald's on Alta Mere, Fort Worth, TX

The framers returned today to continue hanging sheetrock. The mechanics installed flex lines. The dry storage and kitchen are still in progress of being tiled. The electricians continued the overhead electrical work. Finally, the glass crew returned today. They still didn't install any glass, but they did install window frames. EIFS crew started applying foam today & prepared a sample for approval. Plumbers had to put a hose bib at trash enclosure. The brick masons blocked the trash enclosure. Before the top of enclosure is complete the City Inspector, Lloyd Miller, will return to inspect it.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Framers Continue Construction @ McDonald's

Here it is Saturday again and the framers were the only crew that worked today. They are staying busy covering walls. They put in a long half day before calling it quits. I've also added a closer view of the block work at the trash enclosure. Now that it has passed inspection at this stage, the brick masons will return early next week to go to the top with the block. EIFS materials arrived today, so that crew will be able to get started on Monday.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Action Packed Friday at McDonald's

Today we had our regular site meeting move from 9am to 3pm. At 8:30, however, we were able to meet with John from H&K. Ruthann came out to meet John while we waited for Michael Jasper to arrive. The electrician was also able to meet with the group. This meeting was held to see if all electrical was in accordance with the equipment location. The tile crews were also tiling walls in the kitchen and dry storage. The mechanical crew continued to work on their hvac lines. The framing crew was busy installing sheetrock. A while later Joe Jasper arrived for the morning meeting. He was able to meet with Ben Sims, Engineer briefly to discuss the setup of the drive thru. Oncor came out to inspect our transformer pad before it could be poured. By the time the 3pm meeting rolled around Michael Sawyers and Jimmy Lopez were already on site and were able to meet with Karen Jasper regarding the week's progress.

The electricians had to work fast to get ahead of the concrete work. They were faced with installing electrical sleeving in the parking lot before the concrete was poured this morning. The pictures show the installation of two of the three sleeves. The last sleeve is to be installed at a later time.

Stone Masons finished their contracted work today. They walked the job with Woody to look for any areas that they may have over looked. As soon as Woody signed off, they loaded all their tools, equipment, and staging. They cleaned up all their trash and were on their way. Woody did manage to get a picture of this crew all together before they departed.
Concrete crews came out today and did an outstanding job. The first crews came out to pour concrete in the southwest parking area. They did the section up against the building. Later the sawcut crew came out to get the section cut. Meanwhile, they brought out crews to form the light pole bases and lay out the drive thru for the 3pm meeting with the Ben Sims, Engineer and Jimmy Lopez, ACM. EXCELLENT WORK. Stephen continues to send out crews that can get the work done and meet our schedule. He also has Inocencio out there running those crews full steam ahead. Thank you for the great work.
As always, it's great to have Michael Saywers (left), Parkway Construction Project Manager and Jimmy Lopez (right), McDonald's Area Construction Manager, out on the job for the weekly site meeting and inspection. By the way, Mr. Lopez, WHERE IS YOUR HARD HAT?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pier Drilling & Tile Setting

Outside the concrete men were busy forming light pole bases, transformer pad, and finishing trash enclosure pad. The drill truck arrived to drill piers for all those areas. Inside the electricians, hvac mechanics, and framers continued with their work. The framers devoted time to adding additional support to freezer walls for Mr Jasper, who has come up with a brilliant storage idea that will be tried at this store. Meanwhile, the tile crew were moving along at a very fast pace. Yes, we did notice they didn't have hard hats. They were warned to have hard hats on their heads. They complied immediately. This tile crew has worked with us on several projects. They do excellent work, quality work, and fast paced work. The EIFS subcontractor came by the job. They will begin staging tomorrow. Later, Woody & I traveled to Grand Prairie to see a water heater system used in a McDonald's out there.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Construction Continues as Opening Date Approaches

It won't be long now and the sound of children playing will be heard as the smell of the fries fill the restaurant. But today it's filled with about 30 to 35 men working on a variety of tasks. Framers are hanging sheetrock. Electricians have started overhead work. Stone masons are applying stone on front of store. Mechanics are wrapping hard duct lines. Plumbers were taking care of details on grease trap and in the restrooms. The brick masons blocked the trash enclosure 5' high. Concrete crew worked on setting up the drive thru as well as forming the next section to be poured. Tile crew arrived to stage so they could begin tiling tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More Concrete is Poured in McDonald's Parking Lot

The glass crew made a brief appearance today. They are projecting at least another week before glass is installed. Concrete crew poured the NE central lane. The framers worked on wall coverup. Mechanics continued with trunk line work. Stone masons had an inspection and started scratch coat. Brick masons continued in the southern corner of the building. Fire & sprinkler crew continue to run lines. Later Michael Jasper came by with two other gentlemen to brain storm in reference to the freezer storage. Finallly, the Oncor easement arrived today & Tim Dolan of Oncor came by to personally pick it up. The rental company delivered the generator today as well.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Inspections Pass at McDonald's

Concrete crew continues to form the NE central section to be poured tomorrow. The utility contractor was approved by the Fire Marshall to cover up. Hydrostatic and fire & sprinkler inspection to be held next week. The framers finished insulating walls and continued to cover walls. Sprinkler crew continued to run lines. The electricians were only able to work two hours today. The brick masons continued on the back corner. Stone masons prepared for inspection tomorrow. The city of Fort Worth passed the HVAC and insulation inspection. The roofing crew should return next week to put the metal on the roof.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

McDonald's Trash Enclosure Poured

Not only did the concrete crew pour the trash enclosure, but they even started working on forming the drive thru area. Today the interior framers also worked. They installed most of the insulation in the walls. These two crews have done some outstanding work today. It's not easy to find the enthusiasm to work on Saturdays. Yet, these men worked today as if it were a regular work day. After the delays we encountered earlier in the project every day is crucial if we are to meet our schedule.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Construction Continues @ McDonald's on Alta Mere

Our site meeting was held in the afternoon this Friday rather than morning. The roofing crew was able to finish drying in the roof. The brick masons continued with brick work. The stone masons finished the drive thru area yesterday. The mechanical crew set the hvac units on the roof. The concrete crew were ready for the inspection. Which by the way, the trash enclosure footings were inspected and passed. The interior framing was inspected for partial framing and passed.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Progress @ McDonald's Interior & Exterior

Today the electricians passed the electrical inspection! Brick & stone masons have continued to cover the exterior of the building. While inside the front counter is beginning to take shape. The framing crew is also covering walls on one side. The roofing crew is working on the main body of the roof. The utility crew came out to rub the inlet boxes. The concrete crew is setting anchor bolts and finishing forms for the trash enclosure inspection. Yesterday we received decor plans & today we received the first revision to those plans. The fun is just getting started.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mid week Rain ...

In the bottom right corner of the picture above a blue tarp is visible. This tarp was put up by the stone crew so that they could continue to work despite the rainfall. They made good progress today. The brick crew on the other hand was only able to work about three hours before having to stop work. That crew is significantly larger. They will return tomorrow if the rain stops. The utility crew kept their scheduled pour time for the box tops. Inside the building the fire and sprinkler crew & framers were the only crews working today. Weather should be clear tomorrow and allow for crews to return to work.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Stone Masons Arrive Today

First, the electricians announced today that they are ready for their inspection & in fact, it's already scheduled. Next, the HVAC mechanics had the same news for us today. That means we'll be ready to have our framing inspection on Friday. Despite the off and on sprinkling all day, it never really rained until exactly 4pm. However, the sprinkles and rain didn't slow the brick masons down one bit. They continued to work throughout the day. The concrete company was only able to work through noon. The fire and sprinkler crew and framers are nearing completion of their work. Meanwhile about noon the stone masons arrived. They made arrangements with a local hotel so that they could stay while they do this project. They did manage to set up scaffolding and materials. So long as the rain doesn't stay they will be able to get going good and steady tomorrow morning.

Information Board

Not often does it happen that I make a request of Woody to perform a manual task and he delivers. However, let the record show that when it came to the information board, he no sooner heard my request and it was built. Today I was able to finish posting notices, poster, photos, and other job information that may be useful to the subcontractors working.

Monday, October 13, 2008

MEP's, MASONS, Concrete, & Fire/Sprinkler Crews All Working

Today the stone arrived for the exterior of the building. Woody has scheduled the stone mason to start tomorrow. The interior framers framed around the switch gear, the baby changing stations, and decor walls. The brick mason continued down the drive thru side of building. Electricians are finishing up as they prepare for their electrical top out inspection on Wednesday. The plumbers, hvac mechanics, fire & sprinkler crew, and concrete crew also worked today. Work is progressing on schedule. The glass company will be here on Wednesday to install the glass. The utility company should be able to pour inlet tops on Wednesday. Without a doubt it's been a full house all day.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Electricians Working @ McDonald's Today

As I reviewed our collection of photos for this job, I noticed the lack of photos on file for the electrical interior work. This is partially due to the fact that the electricians haven't been on site working inside until this past week. On Friday the electrician was able to meet with Michael Jasper & Woody to discuss the location of the electrical outlets. The electricians arranged to work both Saturday and Sunday this weekend. They passed their inspection with the electrical inspector on Friday after a week of preparation. After all their efforts this weekend, they should be ready for another electrical inspection early this week.

Happy Birthday, Michael Sawyers

Wow! Look who had a birthday this weekend. It's our Project Manager, Michael Sawyers.

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to you... get back to work.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

It's Saturday & Crews Were On Site Working

Woody schedules work to continue through the weekend whenever possible. Especially, when we've had any delays. These crews have come to recognize the fact that Woody expects them to do their contracted work in a timely manner. Electricians, interior framers, and the utility contractors were all working today. More inspections are scheduled with city inspectors and the fire marshall this coming week. We can't possibly express how appreciative we are to the crews that worked this weekend. Scan down to the October 3, 2008 entry and see the difference between this picture and last week's picture. We've come a good way in a week.

Friday, October 10, 2008

No Time to Slow Down

We definitely had people in and out all day. Our Project Manager had to be on location at another project and was unable to come out today. The McDonald's Area Construction Manager, Jimmy Lopez, met us about 8am, along with the Partner for this project and key people of his management team. The crews continued to work on the day's assignments. The electrical inspector and the plumbing inspector came out to do their inspections, as well.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Preparing for Friday's Visitors...

As the end of the week nears, Woody pushes the crews to make advancements to maximize this week's progress. On the surface it's not much of a demand, basically asking crews to speed it up. The challenge is that they have to work better & faster without the slightest sacrifice of QUALITY. The work must be top notch work. Keep in mind at the weekly site meetings held each Friday, we have the opportunity to have our best critics view the progress. Michael Sawyers is an EXCELLENT Project Manager with years of experience. He can spot the slightest deviation from the plans. Add to that the fact that the Area Construction Manager, Jimmy Lopez, that is our customer at this project, is an engineer in his own right. So glossing over problems would never fly with him. Then the partners for this store have several other stores & they have an eye trained to spot anything below the best possible quality. And that's not the end. Don't forget we still have to pass the test with the very highly qualified Fort Worth City inspectors. The framers are busy building the arcade walls, MEPs are progressing on interior, brick masons have made great advances on the exterior, and the utility company is finishing the forming of the storm water inlets. Overall, we believe we are ready for all inspections and visitors tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

McDonald's Construction Advances

The brick work is off to a great start. The photos show how the masons have bricked the front and are now working on the west corner and the drive thru wall. The stone masons are scheduled to come in on Monday to begin the stone work in the drive thru. The interior framers have installed the roof access ladder. They also worked on finishing interior framing and started one-siding the walls. The hvac mechanics installed a trunk line. Outside, the concrete crew worked on forming the drive thru and prepared for pouring the trash enclosure building pad.

Congratulations, Jennifer!

Jennifer is currently in Iraq. She left her son behind with her parents to care for him in her absence. Recently, Jennifer emailed me a list of items she was in need of overseas. Immediately, Woody & I set out to gather a care package for her. A couple of days ago she emailed that she'd just been notified that she was coined by a Congressman. Just want to congratulate you, SSgt J.H. Thompson! Good Job! Also, a thank you from us for your service to our country. Hope you return home soon.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

First Bricks Set Today @ McDonald's

On Friday, the owner's and McDonald's Area Construction Manager, Jimmy Lopez, and Michael Sawyers came out to the job to layout the front counter per their new changes. After a brain storming morning on Friday, they were able to layout the vision they have for the front counter. Today the framers were able to frame the front counter & frame the overhead soffit. Outside the masons have started setting brick. Overhead, the mechanics are installing plenims for HVAC and the roofing crew started roofing. Concrete crew worked on setting up the drive thru area so that the Engineer & ACM can come out to layout the final. Electricians started their interior electrical work. Plumbers stayed busy running lines.

Monday, October 6, 2008


The rain started about 3:45am today. The roofing crew made an appearance at work, but it was too wet to begin roofing. The plumbers also came out and tried to work, but they were unable to work in the rain. Woody hung out at the office for a good part of the day just in case there were any deliveries. He also made calls to confirm rescheduling. For those of you following our progress, you know this is the last thing we needed was another RAIN DAY! Forecast looks better for tomorrow.