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Olive Garden

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pier Drilling & Tile Setting

Outside the concrete men were busy forming light pole bases, transformer pad, and finishing trash enclosure pad. The drill truck arrived to drill piers for all those areas. Inside the electricians, hvac mechanics, and framers continued with their work. The framers devoted time to adding additional support to freezer walls for Mr Jasper, who has come up with a brilliant storage idea that will be tried at this store. Meanwhile, the tile crew were moving along at a very fast pace. Yes, we did notice they didn't have hard hats. They were warned to have hard hats on their heads. They complied immediately. This tile crew has worked with us on several projects. They do excellent work, quality work, and fast paced work. The EIFS subcontractor came by the job. They will begin staging tomorrow. Later, Woody & I traveled to Grand Prairie to see a water heater system used in a McDonald's out there.