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Olive Garden

Friday, October 24, 2008

Action Packed Friday at McDonald's

Today we had our regular site meeting move from 9am to 3pm. At 8:30, however, we were able to meet with John from H&K. Ruthann came out to meet John while we waited for Michael Jasper to arrive. The electrician was also able to meet with the group. This meeting was held to see if all electrical was in accordance with the equipment location. The tile crews were also tiling walls in the kitchen and dry storage. The mechanical crew continued to work on their hvac lines. The framing crew was busy installing sheetrock. A while later Joe Jasper arrived for the morning meeting. He was able to meet with Ben Sims, Engineer briefly to discuss the setup of the drive thru. Oncor came out to inspect our transformer pad before it could be poured. By the time the 3pm meeting rolled around Michael Sawyers and Jimmy Lopez were already on site and were able to meet with Karen Jasper regarding the week's progress.