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Olive Garden

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fire & Sprinkler work begins at McDonald's

Today the company that will be doing all the installation of the fire safety sprinkler indoor system came to begin their work. Also, making their first appearance was the glass company. They came to verify the actual openings for windows and doors now that the exterior framing is completed. MEP work has been ready for proceeding. The E in MEP has not yet started. The electrician did come to meet with Woody today to confirm plans before he begins early next week. And the M in MEP, is not here today. They won't be returning until next week. That leaves the P in MEP..the plumbers have continued to move along with their schedule. The masons have come along and are scheduled for the flashing/brick tie inspection tomorrow with the City of Fort Worth. The truss company sent their inspector out to inspect the installed trusses today. They called for a couple of changes that were quickly completed while the inspector was onsite. Reliable was able to get all but the freezer area poured inside the building. Excellent work. Tomorrow our managers will be here.