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Olive Garden

Friday, October 3, 2008

Construction with Meetings & Inspections in the Mix

Yesterday we had eight different subcontractors on site working. Today it's scaled back to five because we had so many visitors out on the site. City of Fort Worth's Inspector Lloyd Miller passed the masons on their flashing and brick tie inspection. The masons will begin bricking the building on Monday. The interior framers were a big help with the visual aides we needed during the management meeting. Fire / sprinkler crew and plumbing crew progressed with their contracted work. Meanwhile, the concrete crew pour the freezer/cooler area. That concrete crew hasn't let us down yet! This has been an excellent week. There is a possibility that the roofing crews will make it out to start the roof work tomorrow, Saturday. The progress has been great enough that no other crews are scheduled to work this weekend. We did have our weekly site meeting today with Michael Sawyers and Jimmy Lopez. The Jaspers and Michael Jasper met us out there as well. Most of the time was spent confirming the lay out of the front counter area. Later our Director, Ted Young joined Woody and Michael at the site. Ted actually came out for Woody's evaluation. No doubt about it, Parkway is a very supportive company and they provide us with excellent leaders. Woody was in good spirits having had his Project Manager and Project Director both on site today.