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Olive Garden

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Stone Masons Arrive Today

First, the electricians announced today that they are ready for their inspection & in fact, it's already scheduled. Next, the HVAC mechanics had the same news for us today. That means we'll be ready to have our framing inspection on Friday. Despite the off and on sprinkling all day, it never really rained until exactly 4pm. However, the sprinkles and rain didn't slow the brick masons down one bit. They continued to work throughout the day. The concrete company was only able to work through noon. The fire and sprinkler crew and framers are nearing completion of their work. Meanwhile about noon the stone masons arrived. They made arrangements with a local hotel so that they could stay while they do this project. They did manage to set up scaffolding and materials. So long as the rain doesn't stay they will be able to get going good and steady tomorrow morning.