Current Project is Olive Garden in Amarillo, TX

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Olive Garden

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween .....

BUSY...... Full house and the mill work is coming along. So many finishing touches going on and it really changes the look of the project.

Walk through for project is scheduled for Saturday. So right now the goal is to do all possible to avoid having a punchlist.....every supers dream......

Waiting to here from home office to determine how much longer we'll be onsite.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Arrival of Vaughn Hancock

Well, overall the day was busy. Aside from Kevin being onsite, Vaughn came in from TX for a visit. (Woody & I were both very excited to see a TEXAN.) Vaughn & Kevin walked the job with Richard & Woody to check progress and make determinations about any potential punchlist items.

Richard is certain that the remaining items to be addressed will be handled without further delays. Although he is confident that Woody could go on to the next project, Kevin gave his opinion and requested that Woody be allowed to stay on a bit longer. Discussions between Cliff, Michael, and Vaughn tomorrow should result in a decision about Woody's course.

Nov 18 or 19 is still being tossed around as opening date.
(Pic is close up of the floor tile in various areas of restaurant. It is grouted overall rather than just joints.)

Monday, October 29, 2007

Busy Monday....

All door glass arrived today. The carpenters installed all door glass. Patio sliding doors were completed today.

Health inspection at 10:30am. We received a TCO and they will return Mon, Nov 5 for final health dept inspection. Health Dept is permitting training and stocking of dry goods. Perishables can be delivered Monday, Nov 5th.

Painters are finishing all touch ups. Carpenters are installing the round booths.

Turn over has been postponed to Nov 5th.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Working Weekend

Arriving at the site today a little later than usual after al it's the weekend. Mill workers diligently working in the bar area. Richard is working in the office catching up on all the paperwork and a walk around the inside indicates that it is really coming together.

It's going to be a big push to get the mill work complete....but a lot can happen over the next few hours and they're still working Sunday.

Kevin (RC ACM) came in to check the status.

Focus of the day is getting as far as possible in the bar.....

Friday, October 26, 2007

TGIF @ Ruth's Chris

Well, Friday doesn't mean off for the weekend. As a matter of fact, construction will continue through the weekend. I've been here about four weeks now and it's been a working 7 day week the entire time.

Late last week the lit sign went up on the building causing more and more people to stop by and inquire about opening date. The usual excitement is in the air as the locals look forward to enjoying a great steak in the near future.

Inside the building it's intense more than it is exciting. The mill workers are fighting against time trying to get caught up. The mill work is beautiful and very detailed but delayed arrival of the team last month and delayed deliveries have really set them back.

The 'back of the house' (kitchen and storage areas) will be ready for Monday's turnover. The cleaning crew has really cleaned it up in the back and it's looking like it's going to turnover on time.

A walk through the front of the house however is another story......stressful, just a bit. But it always comes together in the last weekend....So we'll see what happens tomorrow.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The end is near.....

Ansul system tested. Electricians to finish up 10/26/2007. All five (5)HVACs fired up today. All ran perfectly.

Australian wall tile has finally arrived. Ordered about four months ago. Delayed at Customs at LAX one or two weeks. Tricky to lay, but finally Richard figured it out. After several tries the tile guys got it going.

Cleaning crew came in today to start cleaning. Aside from the normal construction cleaning, ash dust is everywhere due to the California fires.

Carpet layers finished yesterday.

Kevin and James (ACMs for Ruth Chris) were both on site today.

Cliff called and wanted to be sure that the glass was installed today. Glass job was completed.

Well, overall, it's coming along and the restaurant is close to completion.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Today, Woody Gibson is onsite with the lead Super, Richard Grigsby, at Ruth's Chris here in Santa Barbara, CA.

The project is due to be turned over on Oct 29, 2007.

The big news: CA WILDFIRES. It was just announced that there is at least one fire here in Santa Barbara. The fires range from Santa Barbara to San Diego.

Woody arrived in Santa Barbara to help with this project Oct 3, 2007 after the completion of McDonald's in Littlefield, TX.

Check back often to see progress of the Ruth's Chris.