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Olive Garden

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Woody: Man of Many Talents

Today, I stayed behind while Woody went to check in at the office. Our dilemma is that although we found a place to stay last night. We must be out of this space by noon as it is already reserved for someone else. It's Memorial Day weekend, so finding a suitable location will be challenging. We made many calls to a variety of places and have placed ourselves on waiting lists. Woody finally received a call back from one of our prospects. They have a place for us and we can move over immediately. I quickly packed up and pull in the tip outs. Woody arrived shortly after and we pulled out from Destiny RV Park and headed to Sandy Lake RV Park in Carrollton, TX. We did a temporary setup since we are unsure how long we will be in this area. Tomorrow Woody will report at 4am to his new project. The PM for this job is Eric Rawlins. It's about a ten day job. But tonight, it's relaxation time and Woody created a fabulous dessert.