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Olive Garden

Saturday, May 3, 2008

NOTICES POSTED at McDonald's 635/Belt Line

With just a few weeks to go, we posted signs at 14 locations through out the building. Woody first made sure that the HARD HAT requirment notices were still in place. We made necessary repairs and adjustments to those notices. Then we posted approximately 12 NO SMOKING signs. We posted about 6 signs stating inspection deadlines and another 6 signs reminding crews to CLEAN UP after themselves daily to prevent accumulation of construction debris. This Saturday is a relatively light duty day. Aside from posting notices, the plumbers came in to repair the sewer line the concrete crew broke yesterday. These things happen and while it can sometimes cause a delay in progress, the plumbers cooperation has been a blessing. Of course there is no delay due to this breakage considering that Rick Mathews came out again yesterday and made changes in the drive thru area for at least the third time. These changes will again delay the progression in the drive thru area. The masons also came to work today. They are working on the trash enclosure. I've shown some pictures here of the notices we posted as well as the trash enclosure work.