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Olive Garden

Friday, May 9, 2008

TROOP 713 Visits McDonald's on Belt Line, Irving

Going from job to job, we seldom have the opportunity to see young people. It was exciting and refreshing to have Cub Scout Troop 713 tour our job site. The boys are working on earning another badge. They had a floor plan of our building and we gave them an inspection card. Ted Young, our Senior Project Manager, brought hard hats for our young inspectors. Woody enjoyed the opportunity to show them around the building and give them some construction information. The funniest part of the session for me was hearing one of the boys question Woody. What was funny is that while others were curious about placement of tables, grills, and why things were being done certain ways, this particular boy asked the more important question: "HOW MUCH DO YOU GET PAID?" Very interesting that this youngster was curious to know how much the position paid. Perhaps he's already thinking ahead, no need to get to excited about a position that may not pay what he wants to earn! It was just wonderful. Ted Young questioned them about various construction terms. It was a real treat and a great way to wind down our day. THANK YOU TROOP 713!