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Olive Garden

Friday, May 2, 2008

FRIDAY! Crews Continue Construction @ McDonald's

As a Superintendent, Woody's greatest task is making sure the job stays on schedule. He must organize and schedule tasks so that they can be completed in a timely manner. It also is important that the work is per plan and that the work is top quality. Although the electricians are a little behind schedule they should be able to get on track next week. The plumbers are running on schedule. The the hvac crew, tiling crew and masons are also progressing on schedule. The painting crew, which is also hanging the wallpaper, should arrive next week and be able to get back on schedule in no time. That leaves the concrete company. We are still needing to pour the drive thru area. This will be stamped concrete. The pattern and colors have finally been selected and agreed upon. The engineering rep came out with Rick Mathews of McDonald's to lay out the drive thru. Then Rick returned and made changes. But today before we could continue with the drive thru, Rick stopped by to make another change. This will hopefully be the final change. But for now we will be delayed in further work on the drive thru this week. We will reschedule for next week, but forecasted rain may prevent progress. Michael, the Project Manager, will be on site early next week. We'll spend the remainder of the weekend preparing for his inspection.