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Olive Garden

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

McDonald's is taking shape

Looks like Friday is the day the concrete crew will be pouring the trash enclosure and the west parking lot. Today they tied steel and prepared the area. It was a busy day with many crews on site working. The plumbers continued to work on roof drains. Electricians came in to work on the south side conduit. Mechanical crew started the HVAC trunk lines. Surveyors finished the south and west side curb forms. Woody also brought the excavator back to grade the south and west parking lot area again. I've been homebound most of the week due to allergy concerns. Looks like so much is happening and I'm missing it. Woody is working on double checking all the framing and has scheduled the Simpson tie representative to come on Friday to go over the frame work. It's been a windy week here in the Dallas area, but at least there's been no rain. Miles of Cross Development poured the transformer pad for our lot. Woody was able to call for a gas line and set up an account. Work is progressing on schedule.