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Olive Garden

Friday, August 29, 2008

Piers are Complete!

This Friday morning is off to a mix of surprises and scheduled work proceeding quicker than expected. As is usual for Friday's we had a site meeting. Usually the McDonald's Area Construction Manager would be present but he was unable to attend today. However, Michael Sawyers, Parkway Construction Project Manager, and the McDonald's Partners and his associates were able to attend.

Today we completed all 52 piers! The grading should finish tomorrow despite the delays. All in all, we made wonderful progress when you consider we were unable to work 16 days this month. The concrete foreman and his crew really came through today. We'd planned that they would be working through the weekend on piers. They definitely beat the deadline.

Above is a picture of the three drilling rigs early this morning. Below are photos of the grading before lunch.