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Olive Garden

Monday, July 7, 2008

McDonald's Wichita Falls

Well, we've been in Wichita Falls for a week. Pete Hamm, Superintendent, has a turn over date for July 22, 2008. We've come to assist him in anyway he can use us to help him reach his deadline. We probably won't be here until turn over, but it gives us somewhere to be while we wait for our project to begin in Fort Worth.
Last week, Michael Sawyers, Project Manager, and Ted Young, Director, both called Woody and we were given a week to come from Marietta to Wichita Falls to set up, rest, and prepare to come help Pete. It was a much needed rest. The week went very fast.

Today we've arrived and were welcomed by Pete and Todd Mabray, Project Manager for this location. Woody & I were given a brief history of the site work up to now. We then did an inspection to determine a plan of action that would keep the job on schedule and get us to the turn over deadline on time. Here is a picture of the site today and of the Project Manager.