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Olive Garden

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Down Time

Finally, we've managed to find time to take it easy for a little while. So what do we do when we aren't working. Well, we call it relaxing, but others may consider it continued work in a different form. We have enjoyed taking time to integrate some exercise into our daily activities. The RV Park has a really nice swimming pool. We've also been doing some work on the RV that we've neglected while working long hours. More importantly we're using a large amount of our time to review or refresh our 7 Habits of Highly Effective People knowledge. We also had a Project Manager recommend THE SECRET as a good read. And it has been an excellent addition to our 7 Habits. Finally, we are finishing our OSHA Course. We're actually behind schedule. However, when we are working with no days off and long days, it's impossible to study or test. By the end of the week, our health, our home, our minds, and attitudes should be sharper, stronger, and ready for our next project. One particular item, we are both practicing is NOT MAKING ASSUMPTIONS. We found a shortcut for remembering that I'd like to share:

Abbott: Put that cigar out. QUIT SMOKING!

Costello: I'm not smoking.

Abbott: Sure you are.

Costello: No, I'm not. I'm wearing shoes, but I'm NOT walking.

Things are not always what they seem....Our goal is to be more thorough with our observations before making conclusions.