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Olive Garden

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tuesday: Meetings, Inspections, Demo

In Platte City last night it was snowing on my way back from Kansas City job site.  However, it was about 2am before snow started out at the RV Park.  The photo is a view of snow on the ground this morning at the park.  It has since started raining.  Hoping for good road conditions. 

Today Woody attended the regular meeting with the mall & college management.  Michael Sawyers, Project Manager, & Peter from our Architecture Dept flew in for the SMG meeting.  This meeting is usually on Wednesday.  It was moved up one day for this week.   This also meant Michael did his site inspection to be sure we are progressing on schedule. 

As of today, Woody did submit and was approved for the night work to start Wednesday night.  We are now waiting for the superintendent that will come in to help out with the extra workload.