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Olive Garden

Monday, February 18, 2008

Clear Skies....Work proceeds

Lab is here all day testing compaction. Excavating team continues pad preparation. Michael Sawyers, Rick Mathews, Oncor rep, and Miles (Cross Development Rep) were all present for a meeting regarding permanent and temporary power solutions. Later, Ben Simms of Adams Engineering stopped in to view change requests. All in all a good day, although it did start off all wrong. We found the job trailer had been broken into over the weekend. So the police had to come in to do a report and talk about a clean up job. They tracked mud all over the place and just made a mess. Must have been upset to find that there wasn't much worth taking from an old job trailer. Woody has a rule that every day everything must be packed and taken back home. That means the first thirty to sixty minutes of the day is used to set up the office and the last thirty to sixty minutes of the day is used to take down. That on it's own is exhausting.