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Olive Garden

Monday, August 16, 2010

Another Monday in Louisville, KY

Weekends are wonderful especially when they are as productive as ours was here.  Makes coming back on Monday a joy.  The electricians have the hubcap room lit!  We were very busy in the morning covering all the tiled floors.   The carpenters continued to work on the frame for the dormer and the pickets on the patio.  Painters are painting in the basket room and ceilings inside.  The tile crew finished the area by the pass thru door and several transitions.  They left tonight and will return on the weekend to finish the kitchen quarry and base.   Roofers have been working on built up roof.  The ansul tech removed the old tanks and will return with new ones at a later time.  Woody was also able to make arrangements to have the refrigeration tech come out later in the week.