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Olive Garden

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Women's Restroom Transformation

Above is a collage showing the stages of transformation from start to finish in the women's restroom.  All our subcontractors took part in this remodel.  Woody even went in a couple of days ago and cleaned it from top to bottom to remove all the dust left by the tape and bed crew and over all construction debris that accumulated.   The painters came in and put the final paint on it.  Now we only have lighting finishes.  The painters also finished painting the hallway.  They are now mostly painting outside.  The electricians have lights on outside, on the roof, and at the hoods.  HVAC mechanics are still working on black pipe.  Ansul crew is moving so fast they'll probably finish tomorrow.  The fire sprinkler company is on site again finishing all work required to pass inspections.