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Olive Garden

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Transformation of Main Dining Room

On days like today, it would be difficult to convince Woody or myself that there is any other "job" more rewarding than the one we do for Parkway Construction.   Sitting back now looking at the main dining area where the electricians were hanging lights, it's amazing to see the room transform.   It's been exactly one month today since we pulled the old booths out of this room.  The photo above shows the room on July 19th and then a week later and finally today.  All the usual crews are here:  electricians, HVAC techs, plumbers, painters, millworkers, and roofers.  In addition, we had the fire sprinkler company come out to check all the sprinklers.   All arrangements are being finalized now for the ramp construction.   As the week draws to a near, we continue to set up all final finishes.