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Olive Garden

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Rainy Thursday

The morning news reported that scattered showers were a possibility for today.  The tractor trailer with materials arrived after dinner last night.  So Woody had at least been able to unload the truck and store the materials in the storage containers before any rainfall.  On the way to work traffic was backed up worse than usual.  Sitting in traffic we had some cloud cover, but still didn't look too threatening.  However, here is a photo of the clouds that rolled in over the job site by 9:30am.   By 10am we we were getting rain.  Of course, Woody had already moved all crews indoors by then.  The work never slowed down.  It was a good strong rain that left as quickly as it'd arrived.  We've continued to make progress indoors.  Today we were able to welcome the addition of the sound crew to our group of workers.