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Olive Garden

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Aaron's Fandango @ Texas Motor Speedway

This is our second year to go to Aaron's Fandango. Fans come out and see surprise guest drivers. Kyle Petty has been the MC both years. This year the guests were: Tony STEWART, Clint Bowyer, Jeff Burton and that CARL EDWARDS HATER: K HARVICK (YUCK)! Tony was great. They sit around in recliners on a stage and just tell stories. Kyle ends it with a great bar song. It was so great to get a close up of KYLE PETTY. Back at the camp we set up tents and flags and got ready for all our guests to come out Friday, Saturday and Sunday!
Well, Tony got to telling a stories that revolved around WAFFLE HOUSE food. So after the program we headed out to Waffle House.
Finally, we went out to Walmart to get drinks, food, and other goodies to hold us over the rest of the weekend.