Current Project is Olive Garden in Amarillo, TX

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Olive Garden

Sunday, April 19, 2009


The collage above gives a view of the various areas that are being demo'd before the transformation. Michelle Beals, the owner's assistant, removed the registers at the front counter & disconnected all POS lines. The crews started by placing a plastic wall to prevent the construction dust from traveling into the kitchen area. Then the demolition started. This started with the removal of the front counter. The floor tile was also removed. The crew had a couple of areas to sawcut to allow electricians and plumbers to make some changes. The electrician was onsite to disconnect electrical lines in the walls and at the front counter. Coca-Cola sent a subcontractor to disconnect two beverage machines. The Project Manager, Wyatt Moore, flew in from corporate office to stay with the night crews. This allowed Woody to leave the project about 9 so he can return tomorrow morning. The furniture from the dining room was moved into the playplace area. The beverage machine in the dining area was removed and will later be replaced with a newer unit. While this work is being done, McDonald's will continue to maintain the drive thru service open.