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Olive Garden

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Final Cleaning Begins as Construction Comes to an End

Today the cleaning crew arrived and started the final cleaning in the playplace.  Mrs Zamora was very pleased with the cleaning progress.  Woody thought the cleaning crew did an excellent job.  They will return again tomorrow to do the lobby and dining area.
Here is a view of the service counter with the newly added CBB and SSB.  The crews still have their tools, materials, and plans laying around as they try to finish the last of the work.  Everyone is doing the final work needed before inspections tomorrow.  The electrical inspection should have been today, but the inspector didn't make it out.  He will be here tomorrow.  The health inspector will also come out tomorrow.  The Fire Inspector has also been scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.  Finally, the final building inspection should be the final inspection of the day.