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Olive Garden

Friday, April 3, 2009

Pat Green Concert @ Texas Motor Speedway

It's Friday night and we got tickets to the Pat Green Concert. We have great seats, great view, and great music. We are excited, but wore out from setting up all day. We tried to work up energy to get in the spirit of the concert, but half way thru we were just sitting and listening! LOL!
This is our first time to see Pat Green in concert. The crowd went wild! He's got some good music.
Jack, Michael, Yvonne and the kids joined us at the camp after the concert. We sat under the tent and finally had a chance to catch up with Michael. It gaves us an opportunity to brag about how great the BURGER KING job went.
Michael Sawyers is our usual Project Manager. However, we had the opportunity to work for Cliff Hudson when we did the Burger King.
Jack is also a Project Manager at Parkway.