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Olive Garden

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dining Room Gets Floor Tile

How do you know that you walked onto a Parkway Construction job site? You see TEAM WORK in action. The crews on this job are not compromising quality. They have been able to work together and progress ahead of schedule. Starting Saturday the pace is going to really pick up. Then Sunday the core drilling begins. Core drilling is exciting because it's an indication that you are days from seeing the new tables, booths, chairs, equipment. We are very appreciative of the hard work these crews have put into this project. This morning it seemed like we hit the road running the minute our feet touched the ground. The pace didn't let up until about 7 this evening. The concrete was poured back where it was sawcut. Soffit frame work was completed & FRP application continued. Tile crew continued with floor tile at front counter area and dining room. The electricians pulled wire and worked on the new C-panel. We had a big regrouping meeting this evening and were able to streamline our final schedule. We have another scheduled milestone to meet on Tuesday. Then the final milestone will be turnover. We're almost there.