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Olive Garden

Monday, February 16, 2009

BURGER KING: Concrete Poured

First of all, please note that the days to turn over have been reduced. Today we went from 50 days to 37 days to turn over. Paris' WHOPPER lovers will be able to zip into their Burger King sooner than expected due to job running ahead of schedule despite our rain days. We hope the weather works in our favor as we continue with exterior work.

In regards to rain, today the EIFS and Stone crews didn't work. We did have an inspection of the EIFS. The results were positive. But the crews held off coming to work, due to the rain forecasted for today. As it turns out the day was dry. The crews will be here tomorrow.

The concrete crew was here in full force. After the steel work & other preparations to pour concrete, they passed inspection with the City of Paris. After the inspection they were able to begin pouring. They used wheel barrels to bring in the concrete. By the end of the day it was left to dry & final pad work will be done tomorrow.

The HVAC techs came in to add new drops for units. We received the shipment of doors & hardware. Woody was able to meet with John Kostel to confirm upcoming working.