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Olive Garden

Friday, February 20, 2009

MEP's Work at record setting speeds....

Well, maybe, they aren't setting records, but they continue to meet or beat the schedule. I've mentioned in previous entries that the quality of subcontractor determines the not only the quality of the project, but also the ability to understand the time is of the essence. These crews on the Burger King project taking their work seriously. The EIFS work on the main building is complete. The crew moved out to work on the trash enclosure. A separate crew is working on stone application. After installing the broiler hood, the HVAC crew worked on the broiler vent pipe. The electricians & plumbers finished their roughing in and are ready for inspection on Monday. Lastly, the drywall crew worked on the sheetrock and FRP applications. The drywall and EIFS crews are scheduled to work this weekend. HVAC crew passed their City inspection, so lines are ready to wrap. John Kostel came out again today. Woody and he were able to review all issues requiring the owners attention. It was definitely a great work week.