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Olive Garden

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Final Week @ Burger King, Paris, TX

Mr Kostel was here again today continuing with the POS & security system installs. The electricians and plumbers also came out to work on misc items that still required attention. The installation of the clearance sign, table tops, gaskets on windows, repair of doors, final roofing and tiling work was also continued today.
Right Collage:
Row 1: Photo 1: Before: caulking on window; Photo 2: After: gasket on window; Photo 3: clearance sign installed.

Row 2: Photo 1: glass door at play area; Photo 2: high bay lights burning in play area; Photo 3: new table tops.
Row 3: Photo 1: Fry hood; Photo 2: handicap accessible table; Photo 3: threshold installed.
Row 4: Photo 1: another threshold installed; Photo 2: view of the front counter; Photo 3: broiler started up today.
Left Collage:
Row 1: Photo1: awnings on d/t side; Photo 2: box for loop detector wiring; Photo 3: clearance sign (again).
Row 2: Photo1: roof drain line; Photo2: view of front entrance; Photo 3: view of the painted sign pole.
Row 3: Photo 1: view of the entrance to d/t; Photo 2: view of metal roof at cash window; Photo 3: another roof drain line.