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Olive Garden

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Week Before the Last Week

Well, here we are at the end of the project. This is the last week of actual work. If all goes as planned next week will begin with all construction complete. It will also start a round of inspections which will result in obtaining the Certificate of Occupancy. Electrical crew worked on the ansul wiring. Carpenters continued to drill holes for bases. Concrete crew demo'd handicap ramp.

Left Photo: Handicap ramp reconstruction is now ongoing. Photo shows a view of the area that is being reconstructed. The middle photo zooms in on the area after the demo work today. The bottom photo shows a close up of the demo work.

Photo 1: New cup racks installed at front counter

Photo 2: These are the ansul pulls. Ansul test was held today and passed.

Photo 3: Mr John Kostel continued his work on the POS and security system.

Photo 4: Shelf construction in progress in office closet.

Photo 5: Construction continued in crew room

Photo 6: Also, a photo of the crew room counter construction.