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Olive Garden

Monday, April 7, 2008

Back to McDonald's

Well, all crews were off this past weekend. So Woody stayed at the Speedway all weekend, too. Last week was great. On Thursday we went to the Fandango, Friday was the Big & Rich concert, Saturday we didn't make it to the race. Woody gave our tickts away and opted for staying at the RV and setting up. A big group from Parkway came over after for a cookout. We had so much fun. Then Sunday was the main event. CARL EDWARDS came in first. The best part of the day was having so many of Parkway's people out to the RV for another cookout. Today we left the RV site at the speedway and moved back to Irving. The electricians came in today to continue with electrical boxes and conduit. The plumbers also came in to finish up running lines. It's a great day and overall the job is on schedule.