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Olive Garden

Friday, April 25, 2008

TGIF @ McDonald's on Belt Line in Irving

It's Friday and that means the crews are working at full speed trying to wrap up work for the week. We've scheduled three crews to return tomorrow and one crew for Sunday. Today, however, the framers arrived to work on the arcade wall which will later be covered with a stone veneer. I'll post pictures Saturday and Monday that will show the progress of the arcade wall. And then later next week, I'll have pictures of the stone. Definitely had a full house today. The electricians continue to pull overhead wiring & work on the west lot electrical. Tile work in the kitchen continued and tomorrow they are tiling the dining area. The painters finished up tape and bedding. The masons are working on the west wall. We also had the plumbers here working on wall fixtures and floor drains. These crews have worked agressively on this project this week. The advancement has been on schedule for the most part. But as the end draws near we have to remember that our goal is to be awarded Project Excellence. So we'll have to stay on top of the work and make sure not to overlook any details.