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Olive Garden

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Windows & Doors being framed

The glass is delivered and the framing is being installed. Tomorrow they will finish the framing and by Saturday we should have windows and doors installed. Gas crew should be finished today. Interior framers are still working on walls. Electricians are doing rough in work and they passed the inspection with the city today. Rick Mathews came by for a site inspection. We received another shipment of brick and the trellises were also delivered. The storm last night was really bad. The blocks adjacent to us are still without power and a large portion of the road is closed off. Our site was largely untouched by the storm aside from the trash that blew onto the site and our McDonald's sign was knocked down, but not destroyed. Somehow we survived the night in the RV. Winds were 7o to 80 mph and they were harsh but the storm blew by quickly.