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Olive Garden

Saturday, April 19, 2008

McDonald's building continues on Saturday!

The painting crew is the same crew that worked with us when we did the re-image in Albuquerque, NM. As a project management company Parkway Construction & Assocaites subcontracts all work. This means that we don't always work with the same crews at all locations. As a national builder they have crews in all states that bid on the work to be done. At this McDonald's we've worked with crews that did work on McDonald's at the Littlefield and Lubbock locations. We've also had the electric crew here that did an Arby's with Woody previously. This weekend we have the crew we used in ABQ Chili's doing the tape & bedding and the crew that did the tile work in Littlefield. This adds an advantage because these crews are already conditioned to work with Woody. They know what Parkway expects of them and they know what is expected of them from Woody as far as progress is concerned. Today not only is the tape & bed crew here, but so are the masons and tile crews. The masons came to move all the brick and place it around the building so that it will be ready for bricking first thing Monday morning. Everyone is in a great mood. It's a beautiful work day. The progress will be very visible by Monday morning.