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Olive Garden

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Positive, Proactive, Productive...Project Excellence

Okay, today things just took off and although we were facing a challenge in the schedule opening changes, Woody was determined to make it work. Before long Rick called and let us know the kitchen equipment wouldn't be in until the 12th. Then we got an email confirming a change in the opening date to the 27th instead of the 20th! So we are definitely going to meet our contracted scheduled work. But the real goal is not just to finish but to turn over a PROJECT EXCELLENCE project. Waste Management picked up another load today. The glass crew came to caulk the windows. The concrete crew came to form the sidewalks. The electricians installed the well lights and the tile crew is close to finishing the restrooms. As the photos show the masons are making great progress on the exterior. Good job!!!