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Olive Garden

Monday, April 14, 2008

Whew!....McDonald's from another angle

Come on out....The sun is shining and there are some new and clear visible changes. Today Woody and I moved the job trailer to the south east corner of the parking lot. I thought Woody was going to do it, but he asked me to back it up just a couple of inches the next thing I knew I'd moved it to the new location! We had a lot of moving to do before the lift was to be picked up by the equipment rental company. So it was a busy afternoon. The crane was brought on site to take the HVAC units from the truck up to the roof. The electricians are now working on overhead lighting! That is so great....because the progress just seems to go fast from this point to the end. The plumbers were working on vent pipes today & checking accuracy of other installs. Where-o-where is our concrete crew? Good question....but in great weather they have lots of work going on. That just means that when they get to our site, it's going to be BUSY! The city inspector came out today and passed our insulation and brick tie inspections. Won't be long before the brick starts going on the building! It's been a long day, but very productive. Now that the storm has passed and things are back to normal, our Project Manager, Michael Sawyers, has approved the request to have a clean up crew come out and clean up a lot of the debris left on the site.