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Olive Garden

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

TUESDAY: McDonald's Moves Opening Date

We've had to be extremely proactive in scheduling the work for this project and the crews have had to be agressive to stay on schedule because we've had so many rain, snow and mud days at the beginning of this project. Another challenge has been getting utilities to the site because we are building in a new development. Currently, we are still constructing this building with the only electricity coming from a generator. We received confirmation that the kitchen equipment will arrive on the 5th which is two days sooner than we had expected. Then we received an email informing us of the opening date being moved to May 20th! Woody is determined to meet all deadlines....but this will be a challenge. Our original turnover date is the 22nd of May. So we're going to review all plans this evening and see what crews can work in overlapped sessions to get the work completed sooner. This phase of the job gets a little crazy and it's most important NOT to forget the details. The contractor that installs the kitchen equipment stopped in to inspect the site today. Tile crew continues laying tile, electric work also continues, and the masons are working on the drive thru wall, while the hvac crew continues installing vents. In the midst of all this we have guidelines of things that must be completed before kitchen equipment arrives on Monday.