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Olive Garden

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


After yesterday when the plumbers and electricians both had equipment which couldn't get through the rocks, Woody & I did some digging around of our own. We went digging in Fort Worth hoping to uncover a ROCKSAW. We needed one that was available for rent & available now. After several calls, Woody hit the jackpot! How many times have we mentioned that teamwork is one of the keys to our success? This is a perfect example of this concept. First it involved the subcontractor letting Woody know that they didn't have the tools they needed to do this task in a timely manner. Woody followed through by finding what was needed. Then it took the Project Manager to initiate paperwork to go through all the stages of approval so that the equipment could be delivered. Within 24 hours of the subcontractor voicing their concern, the ROCKSAW was onsite & available for use. We have the utility contractor who is responsible for connecting the sanitary sewer, fire riser, & water tap. The electricians are running some underground lines in the lot required by Oncor & for exterior electrical work. This has to be done before the concrete is poured. Then the plumbers are doing their underground work in the building pad. Finally the concrete crews are forming up the north west end of the lot for flatwork. These crews have all encountered the ROCK. So, yes, it was a great sight to see the Rocksaw come rolling in. Can't wait for the crews to see it in the morning!