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Olive Garden

Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday's Visitors

Friday is our regular site meeting. Today we had a full house of visitors. We were waiting for the City Inspector to come inspect the form so we could pour the building pad. Meanwhile, Jimmy Lopez, McDonald's ACM, and Michael Sawyers, Parkway PM, arrived for an early briefing meeting. Next Dan Dover, Falcon Companies, and Reese of Ridgemont arrived to discuss how they would correct the taps for the fire riser and water lines. Meanwhile, the crew of men working on the building pad continued to grow in numbers and their supervisors met to be sure all was ready for the pour. Then the McDonald's Partners arrived. We met with them to give them a brief summary of the week's activities and to discuss decor and equipment. Just as they were pulling away one of the Parkway Owners, Vaughan Hancock, and Ted Young, Parkway Director, arrived to see the progress. All our visitors were pleased with the site and progress. Finally, after the lunch the City Inspector arrived & requested a clearance at the base before he could approve the pad for the pour. The crews worked diligently to clear the dirt that needed to be removed, but the City was unable to get an inspector out to give the go ahead. Despite Woody's attempts to get an after hours inspection, he was forced to schedule a Monday inspection.
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