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Olive Garden

Monday, September 22, 2008

Building Pad Poured

Finally, after 50 days, we have a building pad! What a great milestone to reach. Keep in mind that our milestone is thirty days. Needless to say we took almost twice the amount of allowable time. But we don't see this as a negative. The challenge has been switching from carton forms to cushion sand, the density of the rock in the building pad, the six days we lost due to grading issues, and 10+ days of rain and mud. Overall, we are very pleased with the results. Our project goes most smoothly, when the foundation is solid and as error free as possible. It is visible that the forms, steel, and design are providing a very solid foundation for this McDonald's location. So much so that when the McDonald's Area Construction Manager, Jimmy Lopez, visited the site, he mentioned that he'd never seen a McDonald's slab designed this way for this area. The quality is excellent. Now we can go vertical and make up for lost time.
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